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10 Dollar Hosting has an extensive manual available to all customers.  This manual answers questions about all of our services, how to use our applications, and how to problem solve various issues.  To access this manual go to www.10dollarhosting.ca/cpanel.  This will bring up a username / password window.  Simply enter your account username and password to access the Control Panel.  Once inside, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the "Click to view" button, next to where it says Documentation.


Also accessible from the Control Panel are all of your account settings.  Whether you want to create new email accounts, set up a shopping cart, or create a bulletin board...this is an area to become familiar with.


For quick answers to common questions, choose a topic:

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How to Set-up Your Website:

Q: How do I register a website address?
A: If you chose 10 Dollar Hosting to manage your domain name just tell us what domain name you would like to use. We charge $19.95/year for domain registration (.ca/.com/.net/.org/.biz).  If you prefer to manage your own domain name you must go to a Registrar such as www.dotster.com and register the website address that you want.  Depending on what website extension you choose (for example ".com", ".net", ".ca", or ".info") prices vary from about $5/year to $20/year.  Be sure to have a few website addresses in mind, as the one you're looking for may already be taken.
Q: I am trying to register my website and they want to know my Nameserver/DNS settings.  What is that?
A: In order for people to find your website on the internet, your Registrar needs to direct your website address to the 10 Dollar Hosting servers.  Where it asks for your Nameserver or DNS settings, you must enter the following:


Q: I already have my website hosted with another company.  How do I switch it to 10 Dollar Hosting?
A: Keep in mind that you are probably going to have to complete 3 steps in this scenario.  Firstly, you must contact your Registrar (the company that registered your website address) and change the Nameserver/DNS settings to say the following:


Secondly, you must upload your website to the 10 Dollar Hosting server.  This can be done through FrontPage or FTP (for in-depth instructions, access the user manual at the top of this page).  Talk to your website designer if you are unsure how to do this. 

If you are would like to access your website before the domain has been redirected to our servers, you must use the following web address:


**IMPORTANT** Always have a back up copy of your website on a disk so that you do not lose any information in the transfer.

Finally, you must contact your former website host and cancel your service with them.  It is recommended that you overlap your hosting services by one month to ensure a seamless transition.  If you are having difficulty with any of these processes, you may contact 10 Dollar Hosting technical support at info@10dollarhosting.ca.

Once this is set up, you will never have to complete this process again.  You can relax knowing that you are saving hundreds of dollars per year.


Email Questions:

Q: How do I set-up my computer to receive my email?
A: Step by step instructions are available in the manual at the top of this page.  Here is a quick set-up guide for using Outlook Express.
1. Open Outlook Express from the programs list on your computer.
2. Under the 'tools' menu select 'Accounts'.
3. This opens the internet accounts window.  In the top right corner, click on 'Add' and then 'Mail'.
4. It asks for a Display Name.  Enter your name or the name of your company.  Then click 'Next'.
5. It asks for an Email Address.  Enter your website email address.  Keep in mind that the default setting will send 'anything'@yourdomain.com to you.  For example, if somebody sends an email to joe@yourdomain.com or questions@yourdomain.com...they will all come to you.  Then click 'Next'.
6. It then asks for your server info.  It is as follows:

The incoming mail server is a POP3 server (this should be the default). 

The incoming server name is 'mail.10dollarhosting.ca'.

The outgoing server name is also 'mail.10dollarhosting.ca'.  Keep in mind that if you are using a router or splitter, you must the outgoing mail server name from your Internet Service Provider.  If you cannot send email, make sure to change the outgoing server name to that provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Then click 'Next'.

7. It then asks you to enter your username and password.  This is the username and password provided by 10 Dollar Hosting  Then click 'Next'.
8. Finally click finish and close.  Now every time you open Outlook Express, it will automatically check your website email for you.
Q: I am not at my home or office computer.  How can I check my email?
A: 10 Dollar Hosting offers a free WebMail service that is very easy to use.  Simply open the web browser and type www.yourdomain.com/webmail.  Enter your website address where it says 'yourdomain.com'.  This opens a username / password window.  Enter the username and password provided to you by 10 Dollar Hosting  You are offered 3 different WebMail programs to use.  If you are not sure which program you would like to choose, just click on NeoMail.  This opens your email account.

More in-depth instructions are available in the manual at the top of this page.

Q: I get an error when I try to send or receive my email.  What's wrong?
A: First of all, make sure you have an internet connection on.  If you are able to surf the internet then your connection is working fine.  If you cannot surf the internet, you must contact your Internet Service Provider to fix this problem.

If the internet connection is fine, then check your email settings.  You may reference the email question above called "How do I set-up my computer to receive my email?".

Remember, if you are using a router, splitter or hub this may affect your ability to send or receive email.  It is recommended that you get a specific outgoing name server address from your Internet Service Provider.


Billing Questions:

Q: Are there any hidden fees when I register with 10 Dollar Hosting?
A: No.  All of the fees are explained up front.  Once you choose your hosting package, you will see how much the set-up fee is.  The Basic Package is $15, the Business Package is $10 and the Professional Package is $0.  All packages are paid by the year and 5% GST is added to your purchase. Be sure to read the Terms of Service closely before making your purchase.
Q: How can 10 Dollar Hosting's prices be so much lower than the competition?
A: Its easy, our massive servers are leased and not owned.  We save so much money by not having to purchase or maintain our own server, that we pass the discounts on to you.  In addition, we try to make to set-up as easy as possible so that there is very little maintenance involved with our clients.
Q: When and how will I be billed for my service, once the year is up?
A: You will be contacted one month before your hosting package expires and be asked to make payment for the next year.  10 Dollar Hosting does not keep payment information on file and therefore cannot auto-bill for your website.
Q: Can I purchase a hosting package for longer than 1 year?
A: At this time, 10 Dollar Hosting will only accept payment for a maximum of one year.


How To Use The Control Panel:

Q: How do I access my website control panel and what can I do with it?
A: Open your web browser and type www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.  Enter your website address where it says 'yourdomain.com'.  It brings up a username / password window.  Enter the username and password provided to you by 10 Dollar Hosting.

Once inside you will discover that this is the 'brains' of your website.  Anything you need to do with your website, whether its adding an email account or finding a CGI script for your website, can be located in this area.  Simply press the "Click to view" button next to Documentation at the bottom of the page.  This will explain all of the functions of the Control Panel.

Q: What if I am unable to find the answer that I'm looking for in the Control Panel?
A: You may forward all other concerns to info@10dollarhosting.ca.

Any questions that have not been answered on this FAQ page or by the manual described at the top of this page, may be forwarded to info@10dollarhosting.ca.  Thank you for working with 10 Dollar Host, Canada's Low Cost, High Value Host.